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Soul Map: Channeling, Art & Self-Realization by Nancy Winternight 

Artist, teacher, spiritual counselor, and intuitive ~ Nancy Winternight describes the balance, integration, and synthesis of the transformational work she does in the world, the process of becoming more fully herself. The book includes 12 full-page images of her channeled energy mandalas, as well as 20 spiritual teachings from George Harrison.


You won’t find anything like this anywhere else!



What readers of Soul Map have said:

"This book intrigued me at first glance of its whimsical cover. Inside, a myriad of delights unfold as the author's life story intertwines with fascinating channelings, meditations, how to work with angelic realms, expressive arts, and her wonderful, channeled energy mandalas. It's become one of my favorite books!" ~Rebecca-Lynne MacDonald-May


"I have felt both my questions answered and been guided to expand my own thinking. There’s comfort and inspiration for the now and the future. Thank you, Nancy, for both your guidance and encouraging words." ~Julie Anderson



Published by Monkfish Book Publishing Company (December 27, 2022)

116 pages

Soul Map, By Nancy Winternight

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